Why I Am Ending The Whole 30 Program On Day 17

For the past 17 days, I have followed the rules of the Whole 30 program, but I am ending it as of today. Why you ask? I have noticed over the last few days some old “not so healthy habits” have started to creep back into my life and I have started to obsess about my food. It is not healthy to think about food all day long or obsess about what one can or cannot eat. It is healthy to listen to our body’s messages and recognize when something isn’t working and take the necessary steps to correct it. This is what I am doing; I am paying attention to the message that this program might not be healthy for me. As much as I believe in the Whole 30, I believe it is more important to have a healthy relationship with food. I have worked way too hard to overcome years of distorted eating to be destroyed by a program, just so I can say I finished the Whole 30. So as much as I regret not finishing the 30 days, I know in my heart it is the right decision for my body. To health and happiness!