Whole 30: Day 5

It feels like the days are getting easier and easier. I got up early to do a tabata weight workout. I had good energy all day long. I wasn’t hungry nor was I thinking about food all day, like I do sometimes.

This weekend will be the challenge for me because I am going on a mini vacation to Chicago to see family. My sister and I always like to share a glass of wine together, but we will just have to wait until she is in San Diego this July. The wine is better in California anyway. She is supportive so I don’t think it will be that big of a deal. My thought is that if I cannot go 30 days without a glass of wine or alcohol then I have a bigger problem then what I am eating, right? Anyway, since I will be on a mini vacay, I probably won’t be posting any updates over the next few days. I will post still on Instagram and will blog about the next few days once I am back in California. Have a fabulous weekend!