Whole 30: Day 4

It was very hard for me not to weigh myself this morning. I usually weigh myself every morning. I like to use it as a tool to see how well I am doing with my nutrition and exercise. Due to the Whole 30, my nutrition and exercise have been excellent this week so I wanted to see if I would see the result on the scale. I really contemplated going ahead and weighing. Afterall, who would know, right? But, I would know. I would know I cheated and I would know I failed at the Whole 30 challenge. I couldn’t do it. There is a no weigh rule for a reason and I want to see why for myself. I am sticking to the challenge 100 percent because that is the only way to do it.

I felt much better overall today than I did yesterday. I had great energy and focus this morning and felt good mid-afternoon. I did have a small snack (12 almonds) about 2:30 pm to help me get through the afternoon. This held me over until 6:15 pm when I had dinner (bacon chorizo meatloaf and coconut oil roasted broccoli). I really focused on getting in my protein, non-starchy carbs and fat with every meal. I think that is key to feeling great for my body. 26 more days to go!