Whole 30: Day 3

Today, was a little rougher than days one and two. I hear people say they start to experience the “low-carb flu” around day three and five, but I am not sure that is what I was experiencing. I typically eat a diet lower in carbs anyway so it doesn’t really make sense to me that was what I was experiencing. However, after lunch I felt exhausted. I actually made myself some green tea, which seemed to perk me back up for a bit. Although after work, I was still a little tired, so I had a small snack (two hardboiled eggs). Luckily, my snack gave me the energy I was looking for so I could complete my tabata workout. After my workout, I felt great and energy level was back to normal. Sometimes working out feels like the last thing I want to do, but it is always the best thing for me. I have never felt worse after a workout, especially when I workout in a way that supports my body, like yoga, a tabata or interval training. It always gives me more energy and makes me feel better about myself. Overall, day three wasn’t too bad.