Weekly Menu: May 4-8 Whole 30 Week 1

Whole 30

SUN: Balsamic pepper rumb steak with roasted zucchini and summer squash (Serves 2)
MON: Mexican spiced drumsticks (omit sugar from the recipe) with bacon wrapped asparagus
TUES: Mexican stuffed bell peppers with salad (romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, tossed in olive oil and the juice of 1 lemon)
WED: Bacon chorizo smothered meatloaf with roasted broccoli
THURS: Spicy bison burgers with greenbeans and walnuts (omitting parsley)

I normally post the menu on Sunday mornings, but posting early this week because my Dad is coming to visit today. I want to ensure I can spend all my time with him and not worrying about things I need to do for the week. I am SO excited to see my Dad! I haven’t seen any of my family since Christmas and have really been missing them a lot recently. I feel very thankful I get to spend the next two days with my Dad. I really wish my Mom was able to make it too (I am in desperate need of a mother/daughter shopping trip), but so excited I get to be with her next weekend in Chicago, especially on Mother’s Day.

Tomorrow, starts my Whole 30 challenge. Honestly, this program isn’t that different from my typical dietary intake. There are two big challenges for me 1) no wine and 2) no scale for 30 days. I love wine and drink a glass almost nightly. I don’t drink to get drunk, but just a glass (sometimes more on the weekends) in the evenings as I wind down for the night. I use it to relax and I really enjoy the taste. This challenge will force me to find other ways to relax in the evenings.   My husband is skeptical, but I am confident I can go without wine for 30 days, even though it might be hard at first to break the habit. I am really looking forward to the other challenge of not weighing myself for 30 days. I don’t weigh compulsively anymore, but I do use it as a tool to judge how I am doing. However, I notice if I am up a pound or down a pound, it can greatly affect my mood. Putting the scale away for awhile will be a nice little mental vacation. There are lots of other ways, to judge how I am doing health wise, like how my clothes fit or my energy levels etc. I will be blogging periodically about the Whole 30 challenge. Be sure to check back frequently. The  this week and for the next few weeks all menus, Weekly Dinner Menu – Whole 30 Week 1, will be for the Whole 30. Think about joining me on the healthy journey. We start tomorrow!

~Eat well, be well