Weekly Menu: May 18-22 Whole 30 Week 3

SUN: Steak hash with red pepper avocado spread & roasted artichokes (Serves 4)
MON: Cashew beef stir fry (Serves 4)
TUES: Hatch Chile Mexican Casserole (Serves 4)
WED: Cobb salad (Serves 4)
THURS: Easy chicken dinner with baked squash chips (Serves 4)

Sorry, I did not post a menu last Sunday, but I was on a mini vacation visiting family. It was great to see family and take a couple of days off work. We celebrated my nephew’s first communion and Mother’s Day. The picture above is of my husband and I with our two nephews from last weekend. It was such a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love and laughter.

Today, is day 15 of the Whole 30 for me. I have stayed true to the program, which has been challenging, but a wonderful learning experience too. While I was visiting family, we went to a very nice restaurant for dinner that had a great wine list. I really would have liked to have enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner, but instead I had water with lemon. It was hard, but I was thankful the next morning because I woke up feeling great. Drinking a glass of wine on top of dealing with a two hour time difference would have made me feel lethargic, but instead I had ample energy all day.

The other issue for me that has been very challenging is going 15 days without weighing myself. Seven days (due to vacation) is the longest I have ever gone without stepping on the scale. Refraining from the scale has taught me that in the past I let the scale dictate to me too much information. I let it tell me how I should feel about my body that day, good or bad. This caused me to never truly see my body when I looked in the mirror. I really wanted to weigh in this morning, but instead I took a photo so I can compare it to my photo on Day 1. This is way more powerful tool than knowing if I am a pound or two lighter. The scale lies, but pictures tell the truth. Pictures allow me to really see changes in my body that don’t show up on the scale. Also, I am learning that instead of depending on the scale to tell me if I have been “good” or “bad,” to recognize how I feel and make adjustments accordingly. I don’t need a scale to tell me I need to exercise more or to cut back. The scale can be a useful tool, but it can also be debilitating and keep people stuck. I am enjoying experience that is teaching me more about body awareness.

This week all the recipes follow the Whole 30 guidelines. Click here for the Word version of the menu and weekly grocery list, Weekly Dinner Menu – Whole 30 Week 3.

Have a wonderful week!

~Eat well, be well