Weekly Menu: July 20-24


SUN: Chili lime chicken wings with zucchini chips (omit dairy from recipe) Serves 4
MON: Turkey Stir Fry Serves 4
TUES: Paleo slow cooker carnitas tacos with Paleo tortillas and stir fried peppers Serves 6
WED: Chicken & broccoli curry Serves 4
THURS: Lettuce wrapped pork burger, lemon pepper green beans & sweet potato fries Serves 4

It has been a crazy two weeks! We traveled back to Indiana to see family and friends for a few days. Then we had family visiting us in Carlsbad for the past 10 days. Now, it is back to normal and the weekly menus will resume.

I am cooking from a few different websites this week, Dr. Axe, the Paleo Cupboard and Nom Nom Paleo. I am REALLY excited about the Paleo tortillas. I made these last week and they were delicious! I am in love with them right now and can’t wait to make them again. If you want to save some time during the week, then make them ahead of time. They are simple and easy, but take a little bit of time.

The chili lime recipe serves 8 so I am cutting it in half and doubling the zucchini recipe so the meal will serve 4. Also, the pork burger recipe I am just using for the actual pork burger, not serving it on a bun or with the slaw. Here is the link to the Word version of the menu and the grocery list Weekly Dinner Menu – Week 18.

I hope you all have a fabulous week and enjoy the recipes!

~Eat well, be well