Weekly Dinners: Mar 30 – Apr 3

Paleo Tacos

SUN: Spicy ground beef soup from I love real food cookbook
MONThe best chicken you will ever have from the Wellfed cookbook with roasted asparagus and butternut squash
TUES: Paleo Mexican tacos from the Ancesteral Chef (of course, it’s Taco Tuesday every week!)
WED: Simple short ribs in the crockpot from the Paleo crockpot cookbook  with roasted broccoli THURS: Czech meatballs from the Wellfed cookbook  served over sautéed shredded cabbage (or white rice)

This week I am cooking from a bunch of different Paleo e-books that I bought as a wellness bundle several months ago.  I love to try all types of new recipes to keep things interesting. I had a hard time picking this week what to make because they all sounded delicious. Who said eliminating gluten and dairy was hard? Or doesn’t taste good? My mission is to prove “them” wrong.

Here is the link for the Word version of the menu and grocery list for Weekly Dinner Menu – Week 5. Have a fabulous week!

Eat well, be well!