Weekly Dinners: Apr 6 – 10

SUN: Gluten free pizza crust with dairy free pesto, sausage, jalapenos, basil and tomatoes
MON: Bacon Chorizo Chipotle Smothered Meatloaf with roasted asparagus
and sweet potato fries (I am choosing to omit the mayo on the meatloaf).
TUES: Slow Cooked Carnitas Tacos with sauteed red bell pepper – recipe has an optional tomatillo sauce link, but I am choosing to just buy a green sauce
WED:Pizza Spaghetti Pie with roasted broccoli
THURS: Stuffed Bell Peppers

This week I am cooking from several different blogs, PaleoOMG, Brittany Angell, Against All Grain, Epicurious and Balanced Bites.  All of the links should work in the menu, but please let me know if one does not. I am still trying to “iron out” some technical issues.

The sweet potato fries in Monday’s night dinner can be done the same way as roasting the broccoli. Simply slice the potatoes, cover in 2 tbsp of olive oil, lay flat on a baking sheet, sprinkle with sea salt and bake for about 35 minutes on 400°F. You can cook them longer if you like crispier chips. The thinner they are sliced, the faster they will cook and the crispier they will be.

Here is the Word version of the menu and the grocery list Weekly Dinner Menu – Week 6.

Now, to finish my bulletproof coffee and enjoy this beautiful day at the beach!

bulletproof coffee

~Eat well, be well