Weekly Dinner Menu: June 22- 26

fruit and veggiesSUN: Grilled bison kabobs from the free Jerf cookbook cookbook with
cherry tomato and asparagus salad— Serves 4

MON: Zesty chicken bites with sweet potato chips and roasted broccoli — Serves 4
TUES: Taco pie with stir fried peppers — Serves 4
WED: Mahi mahi crockpot tacos with Paleo creamy coleslaw– Serves 6
THURS: Sausage and Vegetable Bake – Serves 4

This isn’t the best photo, but I just love how all the colors of our fruit and veggies for the week. It makes a beautiful center piece for our kitchen table. Plus, having your fruit and veggies on display makes you more likely to eat them. Don’t hide your veggies!

My husband is excited about this menu because two nights are taco themed, which is his favorite. We are also repeating a meal from last week, the grilled bison kabobs, because we liked it so much and it was easy.

The Paleo creamy coleslaw calls for a half cup of mayo, but I recommend making your own. Here is a simple recipe that I like. Also, I am doubling the coleslaw recipe since the tacos serve 6. You can adjust accordingly.

The sausage vegetable bake can easily be made with ground sausage if you have a casein allergy (which I do). I suggest two pounds of ground sausage from the butcher at your grocery in place of the sausages.

Here is the Word version of the menu with the grocery list Weekly Dinner Menu – Week 16. I hope you all have a healthy week! Do something today that will help you be where you want to be tomorrow!

~Eat well, be well