Weekly Dinner: June 15 – 19


Paleocare podcast

SUN: Lettuce wrapped Paleo turkey vegetable herb burgers from the free Jerf cookbook with roasted broccoli bacon – Serves 4
MON: Zucchini boats stuffed with coconut curry lamb – Serves 4
TUES: Crockpot chicken salsa tacos with lettuce wrapped tortillas topped with cilantro and avocado served with roasted zucchini and summer squash – Serves 4
WED: Coconut red curry chicken from the free Jerf cookbook served over cauli-rice –Serves 4
THURS: Grilled bison kebobs from the free Jerf cookbook withcherry tomato  and asparagus salad Serves 4

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there! I hope you enjoy your special day!

This is a very exciting time for me and the blog because my interview on the Paleocare Podcast went live this weekend. I was very honored to be a guest on the show talking about my healing real food journey with fellow Registered Nurse (RN) Katy Heldman, known as the Paleo Nurse. It is nice to know there are other holistically minded nurses out there making a difference in trying to change the sick-care health system in the United States (US). If you are interested in listening to the interview, click here for the link.

This week I am cooking from the FREE Jerf cookbook (JERF = just eat real food) that is available for download right now. It contains over a 100 Paleo recipes. There are several that sound amazing, including coconut date balls, ice cream, and homemade dark chocolate. Be sure to click the link and download your copy today. I am not sure how long it will be up for free.

Here is the Word version of the menu with grocery list Weekly Dinner Menu – Week 15.

Have a wonderful week!

~Eat well, be well