Weekly Dinner: June 1- June 5th

SUNGuacamole and plantain nachos  Serves 4
MON: Pork-n- veggies with herbed parsnip fries (this recipe link has an avocado sauce too,
but I am choosing not to make it) Serves 4
TUES: No-marinade carne asada tacos –either lettuce wrapped or corn tortillas. Top with
avocado and serve with stir fried or roasted peppers. Recipe serves 8 so I am cutting it
in half -Serves 4
WED: Three-herb beef patty meatballs (cut recipe in half and using dried herbs to save some
money) – over spaghetti squash, tossed with olive oil, sea salt, asparagus and tomatoes
Serves 4
THURS: Triple pepper burgers with roasted sweet potato “buns” with roasted asparagus
Serves 4

An unexpected event happened last week that left us with some unknowns about the future. It is an uneasy feeling when you lose a sense of security. All you can do is focus on the positive, be grateful for everything in your life (even the bad) and move forward. For me, it also means I have to create organization in other areas of my life where I can. The first place I start is cleaning and organizing my place. I believe this creates a “snowball effect” in the rest of my life. If my place is organized, then there is a better chance the rest of my life will start to fall in place.

The second thing I organize is our meals. It is important to have a menu and meals planned for the week. This is just one less thing I have to think or worry about during the week. Again, it simply creates a sense of order for me. Also, eating healthy during a time of stress is one of the best things you can do for your body. Stress can decrease the immune system so nourishing meals become critical.

All our meals this week are new items, but very simple and budget friendly. Several of them are from blogs I just discovered. You never know if something is going to be what you expect until you try it. If you try a meal and like it, let me know. Click this link for the Word version and grocery list Weekly Dinner Menu – Week 13.

~Eat well, be well