Real Food

Today, there are hundreds of items on the shelves in grocery markets across the country labeled as “Gluten Free (GF).” This is because of the growing number of people with either a gluten intolerance or allergy. As little as five years ago there was not an abundance of GF alternatives. It is great there are so many items now because it offers people options. This is particularly helpful when a person is making the initial transition to a GF lifestyle. It allows one to feel like they are not giving up all their favorite foods.  However, there is somewhat of a misconception amongst the general public that GF equals healthy. A GF label does not automatically mean a food item is a healthy option. A brownie is still a brownie, even though it may be GF. It just means that a person with an intolerance or allergy to gluten will be able to have a dessert.

I encourage people to opt for real food instead of the processed GF items. Save money on the unnecessary processed foods and spend it on quality, fresh meat, fruits and veggies that are naturally GF. Be careful with meats that have been marinated because most likely the sauce will contain gluten. It is always best to buy meat plain and season it yourself so you know exactly what is on it.  Below are a few of my favorite Real Food Alternatives.

Gluten Free:  Real Food Alternatives

  1. Hamburger buns – Lettuce wraps
  2. Pasta – Spaghetti squash –Check out this link to learn how easy it is to prepare.
  3. French Fries – Baked sweet potato fries – One of my favorite recipes is from the Food Lovers Kitchen,
  4. Cereal – Homemade granola – Here is a great, easy recipe from Against All Grain,
  5. Sandwich bread – Collard green leaves – These leaves are hardier than lettuce and make a great wrap for sandwiches. They pair well with a homemade chicken salad or turkey with avocado.