First Trimester

First TrimesterI am 11 weeks pregnant as of today and almost through my first trimester. Although, I have experienced some fatigue, several days of nausea and several food aversions, I am thankful for how great I have felt these past few weeks. None of my symptoms were severe and I was able to still easily make it through my work days. Being pregnant simply has just caused me to slow down and truly listen to my body’s messages. When I was tired, I took a nap or went to bed early. When I was hungry, I tuned into what I really desired and knew would make me feel better.

Thankfully, I never actually got sick, but I did have several days of nausea, especially during weeks seven and eight. I treated the nausea by eating starchier foods like baked potatoes, using Sea Bands that apply pressure to acupuncture points on your wrist, and essential oils, such as lemon and spearmint. I found the oils were extremely helpful. I used them topically, as well as diffused them in my home.

The food aversions have probably been the hardest for me because of all my food allergies (gluten, wheat, dairy, brown rice and eggs). My typical pre-pregnancy diet consisted of organic, grass-fed meat, tons of vegetables and some fruit (mainly berries). I had planned to stay Paleo throughout my pregnancy, but it has been more challenging than I expected. I could not stand the sight of meat during weeks five through 10. All I could eat was fruit, potatoes, pasta,  and peanut butter sandwiches (all gluten-free of course). Even though I stayed gluten free, these foods are all very hard for me to digest, which made for some very uncomfortable days. I did what I could though to get by and felt dealing with gastrointestinal distress was easier than nausea. Thankfully, the food aversions have mostly disappeared and I have returned to my real, whole food/Paleo ways.  Hopefully, I can also return to my weekly menus soon too!

Lastly, I thought I would mention my exercise during pregnancy. I have been able to maintain my activity levels for the most part. There were a couple of days that I really struggled with making it to the gym due to fatigue, but I drug myself to the gym because I knew it would help. I always felt so much better afterwards. Now, my weekly routine typically consists of three days of cardio, either the elliptical, walking at an incline or riding my bike and three days of yoga. It’s a bummer, but I can no longer do hot yoga so I am taking classes that are either restorative or level I and heated only to 80 degrees. I miss my more advanced and hot (105 degrees) classes, but still enjoying the easier classes. As of now, this is my workout plan for the next few months, but I will adjust as needed.

My goal is to continue having a fit/healthy pregnancy and a Paleo baby. I will continue to update about Baby Cheeks and take pictures along the way. The photo above was taken at 10.5 weeks.

If you have anything you would like to share about how you stayed fit and healthy during your pregnancy, I would love to hear about it. Please leave me a message on here or Facebook.

~Kristi & Baby Cheeks