My Soaking Almonds Adventure

I love almonds because they are a quick and easy snack to grab that are full of nutrition, like omega 3 fatty acids, protein, fat etc.  However, in the past, I have noticed I get an upset belly if I eat more than half a serving of almonds. Some research suggests this may be caused by the phytic acid nuts contain. The claim is that the acid inhibits enzymes, like pepsin that is needed to breakdown proteins in the stomach and amylase that is needed to breakdown starch into sugar. It is recommended to soak your almonds for 24 hours in water and sea salt and then remove the skin to decrease the amount of phytic acid found in nuts.

I am not a researcher, so I do not know if this claim is 100% true, but I thought I had nothing to lose by testing out the recommendation.  I decided to test this theory out and  soaked a little over a cup of almonds for 24 hours in sea salt and water. Then I removed the outer layer by simply pushing on the top part of the almond, allowing it to easily slip out of the shell. It is important to either dehydrate or bake the almonds afterwards so they dry out and do not become moldy. I tossed the almonds in olive oil, sea salt and rosemary then roasted in the oven for 40 minutes. They tasted delicious! I feel  that the soaking process enhanced the flavor. I ate a whole serving to test the almonds and did not experience any digestive problems. Does it work for everyone? I do not know. It is something everyone will have to experiment with to learn on their own.  This is something I will continue to play with and test for my own body and digestive system.

Leave me a comment if you have experimented with soaking any type of nuts and if you experienced any positive health benefits.

Be well!