Episode 13: Tracy Brown, RD, LD/N helps explain the Food Police


Tracy Brown,RD,LD/N  is a somatic nutrition therapist, intuitive eating coach and embodiment teacher.  She helps people come home to themselves through their bodies  by healing their relationship with food and weight as well as feel safer and less frazzled in their bodies.  For 11 years she has guided people in healing from disordered eating and chronic dieting, as well as  stress-related conditions. Tracy helps me explain the food police and provides tips along the way.

Tracy offers one one one, group and self study options related to breaking free from chronic dieting, emotional eating that disrupts ones life and disordered eating as well as helps people desiring  recovery from chronic shame, stress and worry based in the body  that impacts sleep, health and wellbeing.  Tracy also offers professional supervision and is offering a 5 month course for non diet professionals desiring to competently guide their clients through the intersections of struggles with food and weight and somatic based chronic shame and stuckness preventing them from reaching freedom and wellbeing.