25 Week Update

Eric and Kristi at showerAs of today, I am 25 weeks pregnant. Thankfully, everything is still going well and there hasn’t been much change since my last update. I am still following a mostly Paleo diet and exercising daily by doing yoga, tabata trainings or interval treadmill workouts. I discovered a local birthing center that offers prenatal yoga classes every Wednesday night and Saturday morning. I really love these classes because they give little tips during class that will be helpful during the delivery. I will take all the help I can get for that upcoming experience.

I did have a more in-depth ultrasound done a week prior to Christmas to check the baby’s kidneys. Unfortunately, at this point both of her kidneys are enlarged, but it will possibly resolve by the time she is born. I will have another ultrasound at 32 weeks to see if there has been any improvement, but until then we were told not to worry about it. I am not worried either because I know it can be fixed if the condition is still present at birth. We are taking it one day at a time. Otherwise, the baby is extremely healthy and super active.

On my last update, I mentioned I was awaiting the results from my Spectra Cell test. I received the results and all my vitamin and minerals were in optimal range, except for my vitamin E level. Therefore, I have started a supplement per the recommendation of my naturopath. It is almost impossible for me to obtain all the vitamin E I need right now through diet alone so will supplement for the next few months. Pregnancy can really deplete a woman’s body of vitamins and minerals so it is very important to eat a wide variety of foods, as well as have our levels checked. I recommend any woman wanting to get pregnant or who is expecting to work with a practitioner and have their levels checked every six months. It can really make a huge difference in how one feels and the symptoms they experience during pregnancy. You can locate a practitioner who does Spectra Cell testing by searching their website. This is a great test to have run about every six months, even if you are not expecting.

Lastly, I thought I would mention some books and programs that I have found very helpful in my pregnancy journey. Primal moms look good naked: A mother’s guide to achieving beauty through excellent health, The better baby book: How to have a healthier, smarter, happier baby, The nourishing traditions book of baby & child care, and The Healthy Baby Code program by Chris Kresser.

I cannot believe how quick it is going! I will be in my third trimester by the time I write my next update. Yikes!