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Weekly Dinner Menu: May 26-29

SUN: Memorial Day Weekend
MON: Pizza Spaghetti Pie with roasted broccoli (Serves 3-4)
TUES: Crock-pot Carne Guisada served over cauli-rice (Serves 8, but I am cuttingthe recipe in half to only serve 4)
WED: Crispy Chicken Dippers with almond crusted baked zucchini crisps (Serves 3-4)
THURS: Green chili cilantro burgers with spicy avocado sauce  with garlicky roasted asparagus (serves 4-5)

I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday weekend. Mine has been spent with my husband watching the Cubs/Padres baseball game, cooking, eating good food and relaxing at the beach.  Yesterday, I made us a special brunch for us while we listed to the Indy 500, “the greatest spectacle in racing.” It consisted of fresh, organic berries, pizza fritata from the 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook, and mimosas made with homemade orange juice. It was so nice to sit outside and enjoy our brunch. I think brunch is my absolute favorite meal.  I love going out for brunch or making one at home, both are enjoyable.

This week you will notice a few repeat menu items. I wanted to keep it simple since it is a short holiday week. I am really excited to try the almond crusted zucchini chips. I think they sound very interesting and I am always looking for new ways to eat vegetables. We can never have too many vegetables!

Here is the Word version of the menu and grocery list Weekly Dinner Menu – Week 12.

I hope you all have a safe Memorial Day! Thank you to all of the past, current and future people who serve our country. Enjoy your day!

~Eat well, be well

Whole 30 Failure = Success

Lastnight, after I made the decision to end my Whole 30 on Day 17 and made it official by posting it on FoodieRN, I started to feel like I failed. I was more than half way through the program. Why didn’t I just stick it out for 13 more days?

I discussed how I felt with my husband because (lucky for him) I tell him everything. His first question to me was, “Why did you want to do the Whole 30 in the first place?” That was an excellent question. The reason I wanted to do the program was because I liked everything I had read about the program. I read the book Well Fed and agreed with most of the information. It has helped thousands of people become healthier.  My main reason though was I wanted to see if it was something I want to promote on my blog because I will never promote something I don’t fully believe in.

His next comment to me was, “Well, okay, so you did the program to see if you want to promote it. Now, you know that it might not be right for everyone, including you. You believe everyone has a diet that is right for them and what works for one person might not work for someone else, right?” He was right (I hate to ever admit that). I do believe one person’s food can be another person’s poison. Everyone is unique and there is not one diet that works for everyone. Also, I believe diets don’t work and that we shouldn’t be on diets. Instead we should make sustainable lifestyle changes that support our bodies.  I believe we should eat food that nourishes us and makes us thrive and remove food that makes us sick because it makes us sick and not because it is on a list that someone else created. We are the expert of our own body.  I have spent the last six years learning what does and does not work for me.  I know what food nourishes me, as well as what “poisons” me. Why was I doing a program that was now dictating what I could and could not eat and making me obsess about my food?

My husband then said, “It sounds like you didn’t fail, but succeeded. You now know this might not be a program you want to support. You know it might not be what is right for your coaching clients.” Again, he was right (I am sure he is loving “hearing” me say that twice now). Even though the Whole 30 might work great for people who need a drastic change. It is not right for everyone. My goal is to help others learn what makes them thrive and healthy that is specific to their body and only their body. So at first I thought I had failed, but now I see I succeeded.


Why I Am Ending The Whole 30 Program On Day 17

For the past 17 days, I have followed the rules of the Whole 30 program, but I am ending it as of today. Why you ask? I have noticed over the last few days some old “not so healthy habits” have started to creep back into my life and I have started to obsess about my food. It is not healthy to think about food all day long or obsess about what one can or cannot eat. It is healthy to listen to our body’s messages and recognize when something isn’t working and take the necessary steps to correct it. This is what I am doing; I am paying attention to the message that this program might not be healthy for me. As much as I believe in the Whole 30, I believe it is more important to have a healthy relationship with food. I have worked way too hard to overcome years of distorted eating to be destroyed by a program, just so I can say I finished the Whole 30. So as much as I regret not finishing the 30 days, I know in my heart it is the right decision for my body. To health and happiness!

Weekly Menu: May 18-22 Whole 30 Week 3

SUN: Steak hash with red pepper avocado spread & roasted artichokes (Serves 4)
MON: Cashew beef stir fry (Serves 4)
TUES: Hatch Chile Mexican Casserole (Serves 4)
WED: Cobb salad (Serves 4)
THURS: Easy chicken dinner with baked squash chips (Serves 4)

Sorry, I did not post a menu last Sunday, but I was on a mini vacation visiting family. It was great to see family and take a couple of days off work. We celebrated my nephew’s first communion and Mother’s Day. The picture above is of my husband and I with our two nephews from last weekend. It was such a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love and laughter.

Today, is day 15 of the Whole 30 for me. I have stayed true to the program, which has been challenging, but a wonderful learning experience too. While I was visiting family, we went to a very nice restaurant for dinner that had a great wine list. I really would have liked to have enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner, but instead I had water with lemon. It was hard, but I was thankful the next morning because I woke up feeling great. Drinking a glass of wine on top of dealing with a two hour time difference would have made me feel lethargic, but instead I had ample energy all day.

The other issue for me that has been very challenging is going 15 days without weighing myself. Seven days (due to vacation) is the longest I have ever gone without stepping on the scale. Refraining from the scale has taught me that in the past I let the scale dictate to me too much information. I let it tell me how I should feel about my body that day, good or bad. This caused me to never truly see my body when I looked in the mirror. I really wanted to weigh in this morning, but instead I took a photo so I can compare it to my photo on Day 1. This is way more powerful tool than knowing if I am a pound or two lighter. The scale lies, but pictures tell the truth. Pictures allow me to really see changes in my body that don’t show up on the scale. Also, I am learning that instead of depending on the scale to tell me if I have been “good” or “bad,” to recognize how I feel and make adjustments accordingly. I don’t need a scale to tell me I need to exercise more or to cut back. The scale can be a useful tool, but it can also be debilitating and keep people stuck. I am enjoying experience that is teaching me more about body awareness.

This week all the recipes follow the Whole 30 guidelines. Click here for the Word version of the menu and weekly grocery list, Weekly Dinner Menu – Whole 30 Week 3.

Have a wonderful week!

~Eat well, be well

Whole 30: Day 5

It feels like the days are getting easier and easier. I got up early to do a tabata weight workout. I had good energy all day long. I wasn’t hungry nor was I thinking about food all day, like I do sometimes.

This weekend will be the challenge for me because I am going on a mini vacation to Chicago to see family. My sister and I always like to share a glass of wine together, but we will just have to wait until she is in San Diego this July. The wine is better in California anyway. She is supportive so I don’t think it will be that big of a deal. My thought is that if I cannot go 30 days without a glass of wine or alcohol then I have a bigger problem then what I am eating, right? Anyway, since I will be on a mini vacay, I probably won’t be posting any updates over the next few days. I will post still on Instagram and will blog about the next few days once I am back in California. Have a fabulous weekend!

Whole 30: Day 4

It was very hard for me not to weigh myself this morning. I usually weigh myself every morning. I like to use it as a tool to see how well I am doing with my nutrition and exercise. Due to the Whole 30, my nutrition and exercise have been excellent this week so I wanted to see if I would see the result on the scale. I really contemplated going ahead and weighing. Afterall, who would know, right? But, I would know. I would know I cheated and I would know I failed at the Whole 30 challenge. I couldn’t do it. There is a no weigh rule for a reason and I want to see why for myself. I am sticking to the challenge 100 percent because that is the only way to do it.

I felt much better overall today than I did yesterday. I had great energy and focus this morning and felt good mid-afternoon. I did have a small snack (12 almonds) about 2:30 pm to help me get through the afternoon. This held me over until 6:15 pm when I had dinner (bacon chorizo meatloaf and coconut oil roasted broccoli). I really focused on getting in my protein, non-starchy carbs and fat with every meal. I think that is key to feeling great for my body. 26 more days to go!




Whole 30: Day 3

Today, was a little rougher than days one and two. I hear people say they start to experience the “low-carb flu” around day three and five, but I am not sure that is what I was experiencing. I typically eat a diet lower in carbs anyway so it doesn’t really make sense to me that was what I was experiencing. However, after lunch I felt exhausted. I actually made myself some green tea, which seemed to perk me back up for a bit. Although after work, I was still a little tired, so I had a small snack (two hardboiled eggs). Luckily, my snack gave me the energy I was looking for so I could complete my tabata workout. After my workout, I felt great and energy level was back to normal. Sometimes working out feels like the last thing I want to do, but it is always the best thing for me. I have never felt worse after a workout, especially when I workout in a way that supports my body, like yoga, a tabata or interval training. It always gives me more energy and makes me feel better about myself. Overall, day three wasn’t too bad.

Whole 30: First Couple Days

Sunday, May 4, 2014, was the first day of my Whole 30 Journey. This challenge isn’t a weight loss program, but weight loss can be a side effect. This program is designed to “reset” the body and change eating habits, as well as your emotional relationship with food. The rules of the Whole 30 are really not that much different from my normal dietary guidelines. No gluten, grains, dairy, sugar or sugar substitutes, legumes, white potatoes, processed foods or MSG and sulfites. Real food, such as meat, seafood, vegetables, some fruit, healthy fats, and nuts is the focus of the program.  Two big changes for me while on the program will be 1) no alcohol and 2) putting the scale away. These are two things that will be challenging, yet good for me to give up for 30 days. I am looking forward to what I learn about myself during this challenge.

It is only day two, but so far it has been a welcomed change. I have had delicious food for all my meals that consisted of protein, vegetables, and healthy fats. My afternoon snacks have been hard boiled eggs or almonds.  I don’t feel deprived, but instead satisfied after my meals. Tonight, instead of wine, I had hot water with lemon. Obviously, it is completely different, but it had the same relaxing affect. I think I will have this most evenings going forward. So, so far so good. Hopefully, it continues to go this well.



Weekly Menu: May 4-8 Whole 30 Week 1

Whole 30

SUN: Balsamic pepper rumb steak with roasted zucchini and summer squash (Serves 2)
MON: Mexican spiced drumsticks (omit sugar from the recipe) with bacon wrapped asparagus
TUES: Mexican stuffed bell peppers with salad (romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, tossed in olive oil and the juice of 1 lemon)
WED: Bacon chorizo smothered meatloaf with roasted broccoli
THURS: Spicy bison burgers with greenbeans and walnuts (omitting parsley)

I normally post the menu on Sunday mornings, but posting early this week because my Dad is coming to visit today. I want to ensure I can spend all my time with him and not worrying about things I need to do for the week. I am SO excited to see my Dad! I haven’t seen any of my family since Christmas and have really been missing them a lot recently. I feel very thankful I get to spend the next two days with my Dad. I really wish my Mom was able to make it too (I am in desperate need of a mother/daughter shopping trip), but so excited I get to be with her next weekend in Chicago, especially on Mother’s Day.

Tomorrow, starts my Whole 30 challenge. Honestly, this program isn’t that different from my typical dietary intake. There are two big challenges for me 1) no wine and 2) no scale for 30 days. I love wine and drink a glass almost nightly. I don’t drink to get drunk, but just a glass (sometimes more on the weekends) in the evenings as I wind down for the night. I use it to relax and I really enjoy the taste. This challenge will force me to find other ways to relax in the evenings.   My husband is skeptical, but I am confident I can go without wine for 30 days, even though it might be hard at first to break the habit. I am really looking forward to the other challenge of not weighing myself for 30 days. I don’t weigh compulsively anymore, but I do use it as a tool to judge how I am doing. However, I notice if I am up a pound or down a pound, it can greatly affect my mood. Putting the scale away for awhile will be a nice little mental vacation. There are lots of other ways, to judge how I am doing health wise, like how my clothes fit or my energy levels etc. I will be blogging periodically about the Whole 30 challenge. Be sure to check back frequently. The  this week and for the next few weeks all menus, Weekly Dinner Menu – Whole 30 Week 1, will be for the Whole 30. Think about joining me on the healthy journey. We start tomorrow!

~Eat well, be well