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Staying Healthy While Traveling Abroad


Before traveling internationally it is important to check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website to determine what health precautions need to be taken.  For example, here is what the CDC recommends for Mexico, For our trip to Cancun, it was important for us to refrain from their drinking water, but luckily the water at our resort was filtered so we could brush our teeth with it. The other health concerns for travelers while in Mexico are Hepatitis A and Typhoid. I chose not to be vaccinated against either of these diseases because the vaccines are only 50 percent effective. Instead, I was cautious with the food I ate. I made sure it was fully cooked and served hot. I avoided all types of salads and simply washed my fresh fruits and vegetables with bottled water or removed the outer layer.

Like, my previous post mentioned, I like to be prepared while traveling and since I am a nurse, I planned to have my personal “medicine cabinet” with me just in case. The following things were in my medicine cabinet while we traveled to Mexico.

  1. Probiotics – It was crucial to take my usual dosage of probiotics daily while traveling to help increase my immune system.  Remember, the majority of your immune system lies in your gut.
  2. Multi-vitamin – Again, to help increase my immune system.
  3. Antacid – This is in case we got sick from the food.
  4. Antidiarrheal – Again, in case we got sick from the food.
  5. Anti-pyretic and analgesic — In case we would have gotten an illness with fever, headache etc
  6. Benadryl Anti-histamine – Just in case we had an allergic reaction to something since we were out of our normal environment.
  7. Immune Defense essential oil by DoTerra for extra defense against germs etc.

This may sound like I was being paranoid to some, but I wanted to ensure we had an enjoyable vacation that I had long awaited for. It is always best to be prepared, as you never know what might happen.

Enjoy the beautiful picture of the beach from our trip!

Be well!

Vacation Snacks

It has been several years since my husband and I have had a “true” vacation together that consisted of a week of doing nothing, but relaxing on a beach with cocktails in hand. Yes, I know we live in beautiful, sunny, San Diego a half mile to gorgeous beaches, but it is not the same. The opportunity to lounge all day on the beach does not happen often due to this thing called work. This week we are going to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate eight years of marriage and to completely relax. It has been a very stressful and busy past couple of years so I am looking forward to relaxing and recharging.

The time leading up to a vacation is often the time people will “diet” and workout excessively so they look good for their trip. Then the journey begins and they forget the diet and indulge in whatever they want because they are “on vacation.” This leaves them feeling less than optimal and may even gain five or more pounds during a week vacation. However, when you have food allergies or digestive issues there is no eating whatever you want because you are on vacation. In fact, traveling can be very stressful and cause digestive upset by itself. This is why I feel it is best to be prepared and pack food with me so I am not left hungry or feeling deprived.

The resort we are staying at, Parnassus ( is an all-inclusive resort so food is obviously included. I am a little apprehensive about what my food choices will be, but I am confident that I will be able to find food to fit my dietary needs. It will be important for me to speak with the chef or wait staff in determining what will be safe to consume. Luckily, Mexican food is usually easy for me to eat (omitting the corn, beans and cheese) so I think I should be okay. Regardless, I am going to pack some extra snacks with me so I have some “safe” food.

Easy “vacation” snacks I am taking with me in my suitcase:

1)     Homemade beef jerky: Below is the recipe

2)     Small Ziploc baggies with ¼ cup of walnuts mixed with 2 tablespoons of raisins.

3)     Marcona Rosemary Almonds from Trader Joe’s.

4)     Packets of coconut oil for my coffee and almond and walnut butter to add to local fruit.

5)     A couple cans of tuna in case I am in desperate need of protein one day.